mercredi 21 novembre 2007

TV Journal Assignment 4

In this episode, I went to the office of the principal Skinner to see his wife and to talk with her to take news before school begins. When she left her desk, I nose around it and I found the steam tunnel key. I went with Milhouse in this famous steam tunnel, it was scary but funny. We knew that we could have big problems if somebody catched us but we did not care about that. It was incredible. We went into the valve tunnel and we touched a valve and everything explosed in the calsses and in the Springfield elementary school. School was ruined. We were laughing but the director catched us. He decided with my parents to send me to a reformatory school at Vegas. Homer drove me to the airport but they refused me because I didn't respect the rules last time I went in an airplane. Homer decided to drive me directly to the camp by car. He was angry. We stopped at a restaurant to have lunch and I run away by the bathroom window. (During our trip, Marge and Lisa sold all my stuff in a yard sale) A few hours later, I was waiting on the side of the road for someone to pick me up and my father passed. He ignore me and he hit the mountain. His car was on the edge of the cliff and he wanted me to save him. After a long discussion, I saved Homer but he attached me with chains in the car because he didn't want me to run away. He finally drove me to the camp. I was so sad. He had pity of me so he came back and we came back home!

mardi 20 novembre 2007

TV Journal Assignment #5

First of all, The Simpsons is an entertainment show. I really think that producers wanted that we have fun. They probably didn’t want to show us real life by creating this kind of characters and stories. Every time that I have watched this program, I’ve never learned anything. This series is a big caricature of people in general. I recommend this show to other students who like this kind of funny characters. A couple of important exams arrives soon and stress becomes high, The Simpsons is the better way to relax. I strongly recommend it to everybody who wants to laugh.

lundi 15 octobre 2007

Here is the Simpson family!

First of all, there is Homer Simpson. He is thirty-nine, obese and bald. He works at Springfield's nuclear power plant as a safety inspector. His favourite activities are drinking, watching television and sleeping. He likes beer and donuts. He is supposed to represent the average American.
Then, we have Marjorie Simpson (Marge), His wife. She is completely the opposite of her husband. She stays at home to take care of her three children, especially Maggie. She assumes all domestic tasks of the house. She never agree with Homer'ideas but he never listens to her. It is her who always repairs stupidities of Homer and of her children.
And we have Bartholemew Jo-Jo Simpson (Bart). Bart is the son of Homer and Marge. He is ten years old. He goes to school Springfiels but he really did not like that and verry bad scores. His best friend is Milhouse whith whom he spend a lot of time. He is a fan of Krusty the clown, Itchy, Scratchy and radioactive Man. His favourite activities are skateboarding and watching television. His worst enemy has been Thahiti Bob since he was young.
Then, we have Lisa Simpson too. She is the oldest girl of the couple, she is eight years old. This little girl is a genius. She is very intelligent and she loves school, but she is often misunderstood by everybody. She doesn't have a lot of friends. She plays saxophone. Since she saw a little lamb, she was been a vegetarian. She dream to be the first woman president of the United States.
We finally have Margaret Simpson (Maggie). Maggie is the last kid of Homer and Marge. She sucks all the time her lollipop. She doesn't speak yet but she can say "daddy". She is only one year old and she already has a worst enemy: Gerald, the baby with big brows. She also likes television. These the five member of the Simpson family!

dimanche 30 septembre 2007

The Simpson

The whole Simpson family arrived at the amusement park when the big wheel fell. They entered the park and they saw some builders destroy all the games because they said that it was too dangerous. Homer gave five dollars to buy the weight of a strong man and trained constantly. He said that he did not want to be as soft as Marge’s mother. Marge bought a tandem bicycle but Homer refused to ride with her, he was too busy. Maggie sucked her lollipop, Homer trained with his weights and Bart played with his game boy. She was so sad. She decided to go riding alone, depressed. Finally, Bart agreed to go riding with his mother in the city. They stopped at the lounge to drink a tea and to eat pastries while Homer walked everywhere raising his weight.
For dinner, Bart and her mother returned to the lounge tea to eat because the fridge was empty. Unfortunately, the lounge had closed because it was unhealthy. Then, Bart brought his mother in his hut at the top of the tree. She was really impressed. They decided to transform it into a lounge because the other one had closed.

During this time, Homer discovered that he was extremely strong, so he decided to participate to the championship of professional iron arm. He left by bus with the owner of the bar.

Bart fought with three boys because he went shopping with his mother then he admitted that he did all this only because he had pity on her and he demolished the hut. His sister went to see Bart to explain him that she worried about their mother because she had been playing with their dog for one hour! She sold the bicycle. To apologize, Bart invited his mother to the karaoke. When Marge saw the others sing together, she stopped them and shouted that she did not want that Bart to become like them. Bart rebelled and destroyed the stage. When they returned to their house, Homer was back from his competition and waited for Marge. They went up to their room and every body was happy!

mercredi 29 août 2007

The Simpsons

Here is the bran new blogspot devoted to The Simpsons!